-8 User Customisable Icon Bottom Dock
-Battery Meter skinned as a Donut (colour disappears as battery dies)
-Signal Meter skinned as Homer's Head
-Focus Icon is skinned as 3 Bottles of Duff Beer
-New Item Icon is a Can of Duff Beer
-26 Simpson Icons used on theme
-Simpson Font Used throughout Theme
-Large Alarm Icon (Bart in a Chair with Santos L Helper and Kitty)
-Hourglass is skinned as a rotating Donut

Download OTA:
simp Full View

animated hidden dock.
SMS and MMS icon added.
Stacks Docklet added.
new title bar to match homescreen banner.
added profile icons

Now included: black application menu background

the folder icon to the right of the dock will bring up the stack. an icon will apear in place of the folder, which will close the stack. the escape button will close the dock and the stack
Download Link (RAR) :

Black Leopard Full View


3 Messages and Calendar entries
WeatherBug slot - (Or any other icon)
High contrast, easy on eyes design
Semi-transparent menus and dialogs
Hidden AppsShortcut pad between banner and dock

Download Link OTA :

BluePrint Full View

Perfect HD2 style.
Wallpaper friendly support.
Super clock font,12 hour format and 24 hour format compatible.
Weather slot under the clock on homescreen.
Small and big application icons.
Every homescreen icons are customizable icons except "Home" button.
"Go" button(focus)=QuickLaunch ,"Go" button(Activate)=slot3.(Storm only)
Cool icons foucs animation.
Advice:Move the "Today" icons like "calendar" "messages" "call" onto the buttom of homescreen.
1, Weather app must be moved to 1th order on application list.It can make the weather app onto the Homescreen like screenshots.
2,You can install any weather apps like Berryweather(purchace),weatherBug(free),weatherEye s(free) or other from internet. Not we provide to you.Thanks!
Dwonload Link(RAR):
HD2 Full View

For Blackberry 9000
Download Link:
BoldPrint Full View

Shine Themes for Blackberry Bold 9000 os5.0
Shine is a theme of simplifying the main interface to the time and power for the center does not have any icons, no unnecessary elements, can be fully wallpaper display, leaving room to match your wallpaper or arbitrary Weather Software. Time, the orange progress bar below the representative of power, charge mode will turn green.
Hide the dock to open way: when pressing the space bar will pop up full screen Hidden Dock, translucent black, the icon highlighted, press the back button to retract the Dock, can be displayed on a black background while hidden Today (5 lines ) - If you do not want see the hidden Today, as long as the message or the calendar icon to the first line out of the software page.
OS6 icon themes using the original
Simple design of the main screen, and has been optimized, the capacity is only only a 500KB-700KB, no footprint, will not consume additional power
The main interface with the "zoom" Dynamic (requires OS 5.0 support)
Hidden dock full screen
Shortcut key function
Keys (F) - profile
Button (W) - Connection Manager
Button (H) - SMS, MMS
Key ® - Clock / Alarm Clock
Button (X) - Multimedia
Key (Z) - Music
Keys (0) - Download
Key (G) - camera (easy to capture any unexpected situation will not miss)
Key ($) - Recording (USD mode) (easy to quickly open the recording, collecting "evidence")
Blackberry 90XX Bold (Onyx) Series (480*320) Devices Models: 9000, 9020(Onyx)
Free Shine 9000 Themes Download
Download Link :
Shine Full View

Matcha Themes for Blackberry Bold 9000 os5.0
This theme can definitely for the upcoming summer bring a relaxed, also brings in a good mood. Theme is clean and relaxed, do not have so much feeling, natural less a restless, do not have so much more natural color, a quiet.
About shortcuts:
W :Manage Connections
R :Clock
F :Profiles
G :Camera
H :Application Menu
Z :Music
X :Media
$ :Voice Notes Recorder
0 :Downloads
Blackberry 90XX Bold (Onyx) Series (480*320) Devices Models: 9000, 9020(Onyx)
Free Matcha 9000 Themes Download
Download Link (RAR):
Matcha Full View


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